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Tech Rider is subject to change, depending on number of performers, repertoire,and performance length.



6 vocal mics; 15 instrument mics – including 3 Lavalier micS & receivers for the horns


Optional Microphones

6 cordless headset vocal microphones (Substitute 6 vocal mics, 3 boom & 5 straightstands).


Stands - (The number and type of stand would change, if cordless and clip-onmicrophone are used).

3 straight mic stands for vocals DS,

3 boom stands for vocals,

12 drum mic stands,

2 boom over head stands for drum kit.


Sound System

7 monitors with separate monitor mixes


Mixing board - Sound technician must be provided to run sound - unless we bring our own sound tech.

Capable of handling all necessary channels. All other necessary sound equipment:

PA system, speakers, cables, etc.


Bass Amplifier - SWR or Eden

Guitar Amplifier - Any make,

Keyboard - P.C. 88 Kurzweil or Korg Triton and Keyboard Amp.



One spot light, Gels: White, red, blue, yellow, green, amber.

3 specials over drum kit, Congas and Dundun stations, guitar, bass and horn stations (See Stage Plot)



Minimum stage size:

24’ length X 22’ depth

Maximum stage size:

34’ length X 30’ depth


Drum Kit

(Preferably DW make):5 1/2 x 14” snare, 10” rack tom, 12” rack tom,1 or 2 Mounted floor toms22” Kick Drum,DW 5000 Kick Pedal4 cymbal stands for: 20” Metal Ride, 18” med thin Crash, 10” Splash, 16” ChinaOne high hat and high hat cymbals,One Yamaha or Gibraltar low base drum stool, which can be tightened to preventrotation.



Congas (Preferably Latin Percussion)11-3/4” Conga12-1/2” Tumba1 Double stand or 2 Single stands

LP Timbales, Bongos and stands



Water enough for 14 performers

Light snacks


Dressing Rooms

3 ladies dressing rooms:

1 for 3 ladies, 1 for 2 ladies, 1 for 2 ladies

3 gentlemens dressing rooms:

1 for 3 men, 1 for 2 men, 1 for 2 men


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